3 Steps You Need To Consider When Becoming A Counselor

If helping people is something you enjoy doing for a living and you think that you understand people and their emotions well, then pursuing a career in becoming a counselor can be a great way forward. There are however, a lot of criteria that must be ticked in order to become a counselor as there are many sub-specialties in this field. It is important to find one that suits you best. This article will outline some of the basic criteria needed to follow. 

Choose the specialty that interests you the most
There are various specialties that you can choose from; for example as a career counselor, drug counselor or even a couples counselling Newcastle therapist which falls under a marriage or family counselor. A social worker too falls under a counselor and there are two types of social workers that is the direct social service counselors and clinical social workers who diagnose mental illnesses and these people usually work at a hospital or in clinics. A guidance counselor provides advice and guidance on various academic, career or personal choices to children and early adolescents. The types of counselors are vast and you must be aware of all the choices available in order to make a sound decision.

Setting up interviews 
In this path of career, the best way to understand what type of specialty is right for you is by interviewing a counselor who is already in that specific field. Start by contacting the local clinics, rehab centers, schools for example and express your keen interest in pursuing your career in a similar field. Some counselors practice various methods and techniques on their client’s including Hypnotherapy Newcastle and you can find out these forms of techniques through a one on one interview with an experienced counselor. While not everyone will be willing to discuss details, there will be some who will agree to discuss their careers with a potential candidate. 

Prepare yourself 
When you get confirmation on an interview, make sure that you thoroughly prepare yourself on the subject and the background of the person you are interviewing. Remember to be considerate and respectful of the counselor’s time. Work on time and location that best suits each other. Prepare a set of questions that you would like to ask them such as a brief background about them. Why they chose this specific field and how a typical work day in their life looks like to name a few examples. Be professional and never underestimate the impact of informative interviews as it can even bud to become a lifelong friend and advisor.counselling-services