Best Methods To Remove Excess Body Hair

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Almost every part of our body has a reason for its existence. Each and every little thing has its own purpose the same goes to body hair. However, while it’ usefulness and purpose cannot be denied, you have to admit, an excess of body fuzz makes you look like a gorilla than a human. It might be the unattainable standards of beauty set by society but even the least fashion conscious person will agree, some fuzz has got to go. So today we will be giving you a list of the most effective hair removal method used by women today.

Firstly, we have the age old habit of shaving. Men have been doing it for years to get rid of facial hair and now women have taken up the tradition of no visible hair. While this may not be the most effective method in the long run as any person who shaves will tell you, shaving only makes it grow longer and stronger. So for those of you with hereditary trait of a strong growth, this is not the most convenient method. But on the plus side, it does leave you with dolphin like smoothness which most other methods cannot replicate.

Laser hair removal offered by skin care clinic is another method favored by most, especially those who cannot bear pain. However, this is a costly procedure but on the brighter side it will last longer than any of the other methods. Another benefit of this method is that it will not unnecessarily stretch out your skin and due to the technology used it will lessen your growth. This method is also considered one of the safest methods of fuzz removal and one of the least time consuming ones.

If laser hair removal is not your thing then you can always go to a classic method, waxing. Albeit it is one of the more painful methods but the benefits of the methods are compelling. Not only does it lessen the growth rate but it also acts as an exfoliate on your skin, ridding it of any dead skin. This method is also an effective way to get rid of in growth that appear on your skin that result by way of broken follicles. The key to this is to use an exfoliating scrub a few days before waxing which will open up any problem areas.

The problem with fuzz growth is that each person has its own unique relationship with it and the best method for each one will depend on their physique and biology. When it comes to fuzz everyone has their feelings about it. Some like to go all natural while others want to feel silky smooth, either way it’s your own choice and decision which mean everything goes well.