How To Live A Healthy Independent Lifestyle Despite Your Age

As we get older, our functions start to decline slowly, we may start to lose our sight, become weaker and find it harder to understand things. This is inevitable, but we can slow down the whole declining process by making a few changes in our lifestyle.

Exercise and a good diet: How it can benefit us?

Just because we age, it doesn’t mean that we should start eating unhealthy foods and stop exercising, in fact, this can only worsen the health condition. If you make your own foods, ensure that you have a diet with a high fiber content. Digestion is a common issue in most elderly people, so foods that are high in fiber and contains a lot of vegetables and fruits can help slow down digestion. As I mentioned earlier, growing old is not an excuse to cut down on your healthy life, you should be very active, but at the same time, avoid high impact exercises such as running and stick to something like walking, yoga or swimming. A good exercise regime can strengthen your memory, your body and its flexibility and balance, boost your immune system and make you less prone to developing diseases and helps to improve the mood. Feeling cranky is a major issue among elderly and many people tend to avoid them simply because of that, so dealing with that issue can help you feel less isolated.

The elders should also learn to take the right medicines at the right time, some of them are usually on so many medications that it’s hard to keep track of them. Some pharmacies like pharmacy North shore offer the option of packaging the medications in an easy and efficient way for the elderly to use.

Some pharmacies can make lives even easier by delivering the medications to the door stop, most pharmacies are connected to each other so will be able to stock up from another pharmacy if the medicines aren’t available. For example, if you ordered from a pharmacy in Balmoral and the medication isn’t available there, they can get them from another pharmacy in Hauraki and deliver it to you, saving you the trouble of going from one pharmacy to another. This can be useful to anyone and not only elderly people.

Being dependent on someone else can be the worst thing about being elderly, sometimes there might come a point where you become weaker, lose sight etc. But that doesn’t mean you should become dependent, with a few tweaks you can still live an independent life without being a burden to anyone else.