Services Under The Umbrella Of Neck And Jaw Clinic

Neck and Jaw clinic has been into the field of providing the health guidance and treatments through physio for a long period of time. we also have been awarded the best treatment provider in the year 2009. It shows our reliability and the quality of treatment that we are giving to the people in our clinic. As we all know, any kind of pain is not good for a human being. Our work life, normal life and also our education life got effected. Even our kids will suffer if we have ben going through some serious conditions. So, we provide the treatments through physiotherapy.

We know that taking medicines can cause other stomach issues and we need to take more medicines for it. So, we need something that is manual and give a long-term result. So, tmj physio Subiaco gives a long-term result.

We give physiotherapy for the following issues under the roof of neck and jaws clinics.

  • Jaw Pain:

The jaw pain can cause by many issues. If we have taken a bite with wrong posture or w have get our tooth removed then there are chances that we will have pain in our jaws. If the jaw pain takes a prolong time then it is recommended to go for jaw pain physio.

  • Neck Pain:

The neck pain makes us like a statute. If we have a pain in neck then we can’t even move our neck from left to right. Neck pain physio is the only option for this. Also, if we have been using wrong pillow for a long time then it will start causing issues in our veins and nerves and therefore, we get pain in neck. Click here for more info on neck pain physio.

  • Migraine Issues:

Veins and nerves trigger the pain of migraine. Usually, people take medicines and avoid factors that triggers migraine. But if we want to get rid of migraine pain for good then we need to go for specialist. We have migraine specialist who can help people in getting this pain away for longer period of time or sometimes the results are in favour or patient and it will never come again.

  • Sciatica Pain:

We also provide treatments for sciatica pain. The sciatica pain is caused by the veins. It is a huge vein that come from the back and hip side of a leg and goes down all the way through leg to the bottom of a foot. When this vein has issue it start causing problem in walking and sitting. We also do physio session for sciatica pain.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want a good treatment then come to us. We are here to help you.