Types Of Orthopedic Doctors

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All the ligaments, muscles and tendons and the complete skeletal system as a whole with any type of injuries require an orthopedic doctor who is specialized in this field to properly diagnose and treat the ailments. Conditions that range from all types of strains, sprains from physical activities, to arthritis and joint replacement are a few that can be easily taken care of. There are several types of orthopedic doctors who can be divided into surgical and non-surgical, and the surgical aspect can be divided into subspecialties.

Income and overall aspectsThe process of becoming an orthopedic doctor is rather long and requires a large amount of time, commitment and hard work, but once you reach the end of that road and start professionally working, you will be highly rewarded. According to research, orthopedic doctors salaries range from about 200,000 dollars to about 500,000 dollars per annum, with orthopedic surgeons earning the higher end and the medical orthopedists earn the lower end. These professions are highly regarded for, because they care for conditions such as arthritis, any type of fracture and osteoporosis.

Medical orthopedistsThese doctors do not use any surgical procedure for any treatments, and does not include procedures such as a hip arthroscopy and knee replacements. Most patients who come to medical orthopedists posses injuries caused by different types of physical activities, and involves fractures and strains. Once you go to these type of doctors, they will first do a thorough diagnosis, and then resort to treating them be it age related conditions or otherwise, using prescribed medication and also physical therapy.

Orthopedic surgeonsThere are several types of surgical procedures these surgeons use, some of them include the traditional open surgeries and the more minimally-invasive ones such as hip arthroscopy Melbourne. All these procedures deal with treating ailments pertaining in an individual’s bones, joint and the surrounding tissues of the particular joints. Many surgeries that take place are of high profile pertaining to treatments provided to professional athletes, and other treatments of the ‘regular’ people who require mere repairs or even joint replacements of senior citizens.

SubspecialtiesThe surgery aspect of orthopedic field is as diverse as a field could get, and there are several subspecialities a doctor can focus on. Performing surgery on the hands and feet is considered a specialisation because it requires a heightened amount of expertise in performing surgeries due to the size and the amount of bones in the affected area. Some others include trauma and sports surgery as well.

If ever you are looking to pursue studies within this particular field, know that the process is long, but there are several aspects you can focus on and the perks are said to be like no other.


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