Various Paediatric ENT Conditions Common In Children

The profession of medicine has always been considered as the highly respected profession. The services of medical professionals are appreciated all across the world especially in the current times of pandemic where doctors are working like the real soldiers in front of the epidemic of corona virus. This is the reason that doctors are labelled as the semi-gods because after God Himself, only doctors can save a person from his death bed. There are various groups of medical professionals who make it possible to run the medical profession successfully; these medical professionals vary from the doctors to specialist, from nurses to pharmacists, etc. Doctors are then further divided into various categories like specialists, surgeons and medical practitioners. Specialists are the kind of doctors who have specialised in certain human body parts. There are various types of specialists who differ on the basis of their specialisation. One such kind of specialists is known as ENT specialists. There are ENT surgeon in St George NSW specialists who have specialised in treating the eye, nose and throat conditions of children. In this article, we will be discussing about the various paediatric ENT conditions that are quiet common in children.


Otolaryngology is the branch of medicine which deals with the study of eyes, throat and nose of the human beings. This branch covers the whole head and neck region which involves both; medicine as well as surgery. The doctor who specialises in this branch of medical specialty is known as an otolaryngologist or in easier terms; he is named as ENT specialist. An ENT specialist is allowed to diagnose, give prescription and operate his region of speciality. There are Paediatric ENT specialists as well as ENT specialists for adults or elderly people. 

Various paediatric ENT conditions common in children:

Paediatric is that branch of medicine which is related to the diagnoses and treatment of the diseases and conditions that are found in children. There are some such conditions in paediatric ENT which are quite commonly found in children. Snoring is the generally found condition in children which happens due to any allergy or illness. Tonsillitis is another paediatric ENT condition which takes place when the tonsils of a child get further infected by the invasion of bacteria or any other virus. Then there is this glue ear paediatric ENT condition in which the ear of a child is filled with a sticky substance.  Nasal obstruction, grommet insertion and coblation of inferior turbinates are some other such commonly found paediatric ENT conditions.


Paediatric ENT is that branch of medical speciality that is related with the head and neck region of children or more specifically we can say that it is concerned with the eye, nose and throat portion of children. There are some such paediatric ENT related conditions which are quite commonly found in children. These conditions might vary from tonsillitis to snoring and from glue ear to nasal obstruction. “Dr Edward Smith paediatric and adult ENT surgeon” is considered as the bets paediatric ENT surgeon.