What Are The Signs Of The Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is the kind of the cancer which is caused by the intense exposure with the sun and the damaging chemicals. Apart from this, the people who happen to have a weak immune system could also develop some kind of the skin cancer. The skin cancers are treated at the skin cancer clinics where specialists diagnose the kind of the skin cancer and the intensity of this. Click here for more info on skin cancer clinic.

Although, awareness has been given on the signs of the skin cancer so that if people see even a slight symptom, they can see a GP from Surry Hills and so that it could be treated. 

What are the symptoms for the skin cancer?

Any kind of the skin infection on some area of the skin gets healed with the time but if it has been over months and some skin infection is not healing then you should know the area which have the skin cancer will never heal in such time period. The skin cancer causes the skin to change and it causes the skin to grow in a disorderly manner. There are types of the skin cancer and in each one of these the skin behaves a little different from another. In the basal cell, there appears to be different kind of the bumps on the skin and this could be on the areas near to the ear or the neck. Not only on the faces but this could be near your arms and the legs as well. In the squamous cell the skin becomes red and starts to bleed in some cases. Some people also feel the itching on this area of the skin. This kind of the cancer is caused by the UV rays of the sun. The third kind of the skin cancer is the melanoma in which there are pigmentation which are brown and it is similar to some irregular mole.

The researchers have devised an ABCDE rule for the symptoms and signs of this kind of the skin cancer since it is the most dangerous kind of the skin cancer and is rare as well.  The A means Asymmetric which refers to the irregular shapes in the skin, the B stands for the Border which indicates the blurry edges that appear on the skin in this kind of the skin cancer. C is the letter for the Colour which refers to the different colour of the moles and the D is the Diameter which means the diameter of this mole or the bump of the skin is more than 6 mm. The E is the most important of all since it stands for the evolution which indicates that the it is always changings and is never same.