How To Get Stronger Teeth Naturally?

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Taking care of your teeth does not always have to remove dollars out of your pocket and it doesn’t always require time-consuming treatment methods or complicated procedures. By following a few tips that can strengthen your teeth naturally, you can prevent unnecessary sensitivity and tooth decay before they even start affecting your teeth. The exposed hard part of your teeth which is called the tooth enamel is what needs to be kept strong as it gets exposed to a range of food items and flavors. As strong and healthy enamel is the backbone behind a healthy, disease-free mouth, here are a few tips on how you can get stronger teeth.

Cut Down Sugar and Acids

The main method of strengthening your enamel lies in cutting down foods that contain sugar, starch and acids. The main reason why your dentist tells you to stay away from sugary food is because items such as chocolate and other candies tend to leave microscopic residue all over your teeth and gums, causing the growth of bacteria which attacks your teeth and cause decay. As starch converts to sugar after a while, starchy foods like bread have a similar impact. Additionally, highly acidic beverages such as soda tend to weaken and discolor your tooth enamel as well as increase sensitivity. Avoid or cut down on sugar, starch and acidic items to get stronger tooth enamel. 

Adopt a More Nutritious Diet

The target food items to eat in order to strengthen your teeth are the ones that are known for rumineralizing the enamel and aids in the secretion of saliva. Saliva secretion helps maintain the ideal pH levels in your mouth causing less bacteria growth. Dentists recommend fortifying foods such as milk and other dairy items as well as probiotics-filled yogurt for natural strengthening of teeth. Phosphorous and Calcium are the ideal minerals that need to be included in your diet, and aside from dairy products animal proteins such as beef have been known to contain these minerals.

Brush Regularly and Accurately

It’s quite amazing how regular teeth brushing can help prevent a number of oral problems even before they have a chance to take root in your mouth. You can easily strengthen your tooth enamel by brushing twice a day and after eating food that contain sugar, starch and acid. A soft bristled brush is the most ideal for both your teeth and your tongue as harder bristles can scrape and damage your enamel. Do not forget to replace your toothbrush every three months and not later. Additionally, switch to a toothpaste brand that contains fluoride as fluoride is what protects tooth enamel from decay.